Eligibility / Benefits

Are you an Original? Memberships at the Astbury create advantage for those shifting their status quo.

Individual Memberships

You’ll probably want membership for yourself, for yourself and a partner, or maybe your small crew.

⊗ Individual Members who join for the first year we call Originals
⊗ Individual Members who have been with us for more than a year we call Regulars.



The value of Astbury comes down to three main ideas:

⊗ access
⊗ opportunity
⊗ time well spent.

Access is for both our amenities and community, and the opportunity is what you - and we - make of this magical mix. For some it will be personal and professional growth, for others it will be amplification of their advocacies and projects, and yet others will relish our low-key vibe as a safe space to socialise or focus.

⊗ Access to the club, potentially 24/7.
⊗ Access for your guests (assuming you will be with them throughout).
⊗ Amazing amenities from salas to roof-top gardens, venues to studios, cafe to gallery.
⊗ Private chef and seasonal menus, cleverly crafting bartenders and baristas, catering and service for shows and events.
⊗ Bar perks (bottle storage), pantry perks (we’ll stock Cloud 9s or Cheerios if you love ’em madly), kitchen profile (allergies, preferences).
⊗ Friendly team to run interference for you during your quiet time, or make introductions when you are in the mood to connect.
⊗ Fair-use of the amenities; for example, if a venue or sala is empty and not booked, use it and share it with other Members.
⊗ Member pricing on private venue bookings, salas, menus, merch, and most shows and programmes.
⊗ Freebies and perks throughout the year from food to tickets.
⊗ Swag bag* upon joining (perks and freebies worth pretty much the Membership fee, from food to venues to services).
⊗ Dedicated messaging channel for Members.
⊗ Growth programmes and social cal.

Five fab floors of fresh air and fresh thinking.

⊗ Located in Poblacion Makati; creative, entrepreneurial, and (so far) not commercialised.
⊗ Member only access + friendly reception for your guests.
⊗ Large cafè / bar; library lounge, multiple salas for meeting and dining.
⊗ Gallery / bar, roof gardens that we call Sunbird.
⊗ Coworking floor with no-lease workspace that we call HQs.
⊗ White box and streaming studios for podcasts or flat-lays, styling or shoots.
⊗ Small-to-mid size event venues (<100 people) with a team of Roadies for production support and staging.
⊗ Nooks & niches, and even storage.
⊗ Member-priced seasonal menus, and our private chef is on-hand for hyper-local and health-aware custom meals daily. We’ll even stock cheerios and oat milk if that’s your fave thing, first thing.
⊗ “I’ll have the usual”, or something new entirely, is crafted by our baristas and bartenders.
⊗ Where possible we buy local and reduce waste — both plastic and organic.
⊗ Real plants everywhere, plantita indulgence, seedlings swap.

Less ego, more soul.

The size of a wallet or the family name isn't enough to qualify as an Astbury Member. You are a person for whom the current status quo has room for improvement — societal, personal, whatever your focus — and this attitude makes you formidable.

If that makes sense, you'll love it here and we'll love you back.

We try to balance our members across vocation, genders, age groups, and attitude. This is not a space for one bubble — everyone who joins wants to shift their own status quo in some way, and we'd like to know more about your way.

Do the two step.

Our standard Membership pricing is ₱120k per person (+VAT). That's step one. Originals also get a big ol’ swag bag worth about the same as the subscription fee. I know right, we rock. Regulars who renew get something extra special. Nomads get a sincere thank you. Only joking, Nomads also get a swag bag.

Step two is to pay less — yes, we've thought of that too, mostly so we can avoid awkward neggos and just get on with love and life. Original Members who join with a partner get a “BFF” discount of 5%. Members who live within 15 minutes walking distance and never need parking get a “neighbours” discount of 5%. Members aged 29 and under get an “emergent” bursary of between 10 to 50% depending on your circumstances (we assume you are still making your way and we’d like to help future shapers — this is optional though so scions might want to pony up the full amount, and some over 30s might need extra runway for their delayed take-off).

And if you do end up paying the full ticket price, feel good since your swag bag will be bigger than the rest, so will your guest privileges, and so will your contribution to keeping our modest but important home for the creative mind.

Personal / Professional / Social

It’s what you know and who you know. Membership comes with connections and content, together manifesting a collective advantage that we’ll use for our personal and professional and community growth. Experience the structured (Academy), the cultural (Residencies), and the social.

We host and co-create niche programs with and for our Membership; structured learning to informal lunches, road-trips and wellness, hybrid symposiums on counter-culture to debates on urban mobility, podcasts on retail or new tech, exhibitions, makings, and tastings; you’ll learn, contribute, connect, and shape the city around you one conversation, one experience at a time.

As a Member you'll have access via your private messages and regular conversations with our Fam. As a guest, you'll want to keep an eye on our socials to see what's happening for the wider community.

Fair play.

⊗ We swipe right on commitment, so all Memberships last for a year.
⊗ No trial periods, no two-for-one promos on 4-4 — but you can pop round for coffee and check the vibe or look for community events on our socials.
⊗ Memberships can start officially any time within 30 days of payment.
⊗ Prices are fixed for an annual membership, paid in advance. We don’t haggle.
⊗ We have standing discounts for joint-memberships, under-29s, and for nearby neighbours; we’ll let you know if you qualify.
⊗ Specific terms are offered from time to time to re-balance our Membership, for example if we have lots of beehive hairdos we might want to add more flop-tops to the mix. Check our socials for the infrequent  “Takeover” campaigns.
⊗ Applications are accepted in principle during our first conversations but are not guaranteed until confirmed in writing.
⊗ We do not sell our Member data to anyone for any purpose. We are also kinda fussy with brands we associate with and how. If it’s primarily transactional it won’t be happening here. 

We'll fuel your playtime, your worktime, and your hosting.

We ain't no restaurant or mall to franchise fast-food. We have a private chef to whip up what fuels you. Our menus change with the seasons, our tastes and values do not.

Dine al fresco or in your own sala, request "the usual" from your barista or bartender; ask our private chef what’s in his kitchen today, join guest chef events or even grill for your crew; or choose from our in-club menus, ethically sourced and with minimal waste.

We always include options for plant-loving beauties and omnivores alike, with a dedicated vegan station in our kitchen to stay respectful of values and allergies. Hyper-local, carefully crafted, sarapalicious food and coffee, with a cabinet of curiosities for wine, whiskey, gin, and infusion seekers.

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  • "Cool and spacious. Love the design, makes for a great event space as well."
    by Dan M.
  • "Nice venue artsy place bar and drinking spot"
    by Mershid B.
  • "A great place to meet and work. I don’t feel stressed when working from here. My photos totally do not do it justice."
    by Exx M.
  • "This is where I held my last talking engagement pre-pandemic so seeing this transformed to this is amazing. The inside is really furnished and well-designed."
    by Dustin C.
  • "Not your ordinary co working space. Their service doesn't even stop at just providing a space for work. You have a bar, you have a kitchen with a private chef who by the way can cook whatever you need."
    Biosong T
  • "...perfect place to hold workshops, meetings, networking events all at the same time. They can cater to all of that. The place is very versatile. Plus the food is also great."
    Patrishia E.