Eligibility / Benefits

Memberships at the Astbury create advantage for those shifting their status quo.

Make your move

We focus on you, the creative community of shapers in Manila, creating advantage with Individual Memberships. Sometimes our Members have teams that need regular or occasional workspace — we can handle that. Some of our Members are not based full-time in Manila, so we have a Nomad option for them. A few of our Members work with aligned organisations and we have options for them too.




Organisations / Brands




You're an Original.

You'll probably want membership for yourself, for yourself and a partner, or maybe your small crew and a pet*

⊗ Individual Members who join for the first year we call Originals.
⊗ Individual Members who have been with us for more than a year we call Regulars.
⊗ Individual Members who join with a BFF get a discount.
⊗ Children, pets, and guests are usually welcomed to our communal lounges with a wide smile and something to snack on.

Five fab floors of fresh air and fresh thinking.

⊗ Located in Poblacion Makati; creative, entrepreneurial, and (so far) not commercialised.
⊗ Member only access + friendly reception for your guests.
⊗ Large cafè / bar; library lounge, multiple salas for meeting and dining.
⊗ Gallery / bar, roof gardens that we call Sunbird.
⊗ Coworking floor with no-lease workspace that we call HQs.
⊗ White box and streaming studios for podcasts or flat-lays, styling or shoots.
⊗ Small-to-mid size event venues (<100 people) with a team of Roadies for production support and staging.
⊗ Nooks & niches, and even storage.
⊗ Member-priced seasonal menus, and our private chef is on-hand for hyper-local and health-aware custom meals daily. 
⊗ “I’ll have the usual”, or something new entirely, is crafted by our baristas and bartenders.
⊗ Where possible we go farm to table, buy local and reduce waste — both plastic and organic.
⊗ Real plants everywhere, plantita indulgence, seedlings swap.

Friends with benefits

The value of Astbury comes down to three main ideas:

⊗ access
⊗ opportunity
⊗ time well spent.

Access is for both our amenities and community, and the opportunity is what you - and we - make of this magical mix. For some it will be personal and professional growth, for others it will be amplification of their advocacies and projects, and yet others will relish our low-key vibe as a safe space to socialise or focus.

⊗ Access to the club, potentially 24/7.
⊗ Access for your guests (assuming you will be with them throughout).
⊗ Amazing amenities from salas to roof-top gardens, venues to studios, cafe to gallery.
⊗ Private chef and seasonal menus, cleverly crafting bartenders and baristas, catering and service for shows and events.
⊗ Bar perks (bottle storage), pantry perks (we’ll stock Cloud 9s or Cheerios if you love ’em madly), kitchen profile (allergies, preferences).
⊗ Friendly team to run interference for you during your quiet time, or make introductions when you are in the mood to connect.
⊗ Fair-use of the amenities; for example, if a venue or sala is empty and not booked, use it and share it with other Members.
⊗ Member pricing on private venue bookings, salas, menus, merch, and most shows and programmes.
⊗ Freebies and perks throughout the year from food to tickets.
⊗ Swag bag upon joining worth something similar to the Membership subscription.
⊗ Dedicated messaging channel for Members.
⊗ Growth programmes and social cal.

Less ego, more soul.

The size of a wallet or the family name isn't enough to qualify as an Astbury Member. You are a person for whom the current status quo has room for improvement — societal, personal, whatever your focus — and this attitude makes you formidable.

If that makes sense, you'll love it here and we'll love you back.

We try to balance our members across vocation, advocacies, age groups, and attitude. This is not a space for one bubble — everyone who joins wants to shift their own status quo in some way, and we'd like to know more about your way.

Do the two step.

Our standard Membership pricing is ₱115k per person (including VAT). That's step one. Originals also get a big ol’ swag bag worth about the same as the subscription fee. I know right, we rock. Regulars who renew get something extra special. Nomads get a sincere thank you... joke lang... Nomads also get a swag bag.

Step two is to pay less — yes, we've thought of that too, mostly so we can avoid awkward neggos and just get on with love and life. Original Members who join with a partner get a “BFF” discount of 5%. Members who live within 15 minutes walking distance and never need parking get a “neighbours” discount of 5%. Members who are starting something exciting and new, but with limited resources may be eligible for an “emergent” bursary of between 10 to 50% depending on your circumstances.

Although if you do end up paying the full ticket price, feel good since your swag bag will be bigger than the rest, so will your guest privileges, and so will your contribution to keeping alive our modest but important home for the creative mind.

Personal / Professional / Social

It’s what you know and who you know. Membership comes with connections and content, together manifesting a collective advantage that we’ll use for our personal and professional and community growth. Experience programs that inspire growth (Academy), creative and cultural (Residencies), and the social (Regular in-house activities)

We host and co-create niche programs with and for our Membership; structured learning to informal lunches, road-trips and wellness, hybrid symposiums on counter-culture to debates on urban mobility, podcasts on retail or new tech, exhibitions, makings, and tastings; you’ll learn, contribute, connect, and shape the city around you one conversation, one experience at a time.

As a Member you'll have access via your private messages and regular conversations with our Fam. As a guest, you'll want to keep an eye on our socials to see what's happening for the wider community.

Fair play.

⊗ We swipe right on commitment, so all Memberships last for a year.
⊗ No trial period or two-for-one promos on 4-4 — but you can pop round for coffee and check the vibe.
⊗ Memberships can start officially any time within 30 days of payment.
⊗ Prices are fixed for an annual membership, paid in advance. We don’t haggle.
⊗ We have standing discounts for joint-memberships, under-29s, and for nearby neighbours; we’ll let you know if you qualify.
⊗ Specific terms are offered from time to time to re-balance our Membership, for example if we have lots of beehive hairdos we might want to add more flop-tops to the mix. Check our socials for the infrequent  “Intake” campaigns.
⊗ Applications are accepted in principle during our first conversations but are not guaranteed until confirmed in writing.
⊗ We do not sell our Member data to anyone for any purpose. We are also kinda fussy with brands we associate with and how. If it’s primarily transactional it won’t be happening here. 

Be the better boss.

⊗ As a Resident Member with your own HQ and coworker add-ons, you’ll also have some team perks to make everyone happy.
⊗ You can subscribe to a daily special menu for teams — one to three meals made fresh daily, and affordable enough to ignore those junk food deliveries and long queues at lunchtime.
⊗ You can customise the space to meet the demands of your people — from bean bags to gaming chairs to lockers. 
⊗ We can — for an affordable bump — upgrade your coworkers access to include some Member programming such as learning, cultural, or social. There is still a mini-application for this as we strive for harmony within our membership. General access to our shared coworking lounges is included with for your coworkers as standard.
⊗ You can also request daily check-in reports on your team, although time monitoring is limited to “did they check-in today” rather than detailed working hours. 
⊗ We know what it’s like to build strong teams and anything we can do to help, we will. 

You're an Individual first.

Even though you are thinking about your team, we still do business with actual humans before we grant perks to their companies and groups. Check out the Individual membership first to understand features and benefits, then scroll here for add-ons we have specifically for small teams.

⊗ Members can “add-on” you’ll have 24/7 access to your own HQ (private workspace).
⊗ No need for a lease agreement or security deposits.
⊗ Customise your HQ with us to fit your vibe, your brand, your focus.

Access for coworkers.

⊗ You can “add-on” up to 20 team members to access your private HQ (depending on size); some with ensuite, located on our coworking floor with a lounge and pantry.
⊗ We call these people in your team “coworkers” and they are treated like a Member’s guest and have guest privileges with the extra bonus of not needing the Member – you – to be present at check-in or throughout the visit.
⊗ By default, coworkers get access to their private workspace and the amenities on the coworking floor, plus club access via a private entrance (with bio-metrics), and access some limited programming and perks.
⊗ Resident Members must be on-site more often than not so it’s not a great choice for virtual set-ups. We are really looking for individuals who’ll contribute to the club, with awesome teams as a perk.

Your new HQ.

⊗ As a Resident Member you can add-on private workspace for you and/or your team.
⊗ We call these private rooms the HQ. 
⊗ All HQs are ready to plug-in and play. If you want to customise the space, we’ll work with you to make that happen — from new furniture to murals on the wall, dedicated servers to a Nespresso machine. 
⊗ HQs have access to our Club mesh network, there are no wired LAN provisions a standard. 
⊗ We can however accommodate custom solutions such as VPNs, dedicated IPs, redundancies, SSIDs, and hardware. 
⊗ Some HQs are bigger than others, some have an ensuite, all have natural light. 

One foot in the door.

As we only add-on coworkers and HQs to a named Member account, you already have one foot in the door so to speak. That said, there are a few additional considerations for eligibility.

⊗ The availability of HQs are limited. If one isn’t booked, then book it for the time you need to prevent it being booked by other Members.
⊗ Each HQ has a maximum number of coworkers that can be added, depending on the size. Teams larger than 20 people are not possible at Astbury, but we’ll point you at other flexible office brands.
⊗ We have a final say over the type of business activity permissible within your HQ. Some restrictions are due to local laws, and some are preferences for our club.
⊗ Teams that are receiving ongoing guests or serving visiting customers on-site are not suitable for Astbury (although we had a tattoo studio that made the cut!).
⊗ Teams that are working multiple shifts 24/7 are not suitable for Astbury (although we’ve seen an occasional Members burn an all-nighter).
⊗ Teams that are likely to use the HQ to party, socialise, host friends and family, or suck the internet dry with torrents will be quickly identified and invited to leave. 
⊗ Invited to leave is a polite way of say we prioritise harmony at Astbury, and anything or one that jeopardise this will be polite warned the first time and ejected / banned thereafter. It’s happened before, but fortunately it’s rare.
⊗ Your neighbours will be cool, creative, legit teams who won’t pitch or poach, snoop or spook. Unethical and unpleasant won’t make it through our doors.

Membership first, then add-ons.

⊗ Once you have your Membership all squared away then we can lock-in your HQ and coworkers. Usually this happens almost simultaneously.
⊗ HQs require a per square meter surcharge to your Membership subscription, payable monthly in advance. The price is very competitive for a plug-and-play, all-in subscription, but our HQs are in demand so we’ll see what’s available during your Membership or application.
⊗ Each Team member – coworker – that you add-on will require a very affordable per person surcharge to your Membership subscription payable monthly in advance. 

On the move.

Even though our lovely Club is in Manila, a few of our Members — and many of our guests — are from beyond our shores. As a response to their requests we designed our Nomad Membership. Take a look at the Individual membership to understand the features and benefits, then roll back here for the terms we have specifically for this international Membership.

⊗ Individual Members who join for the first year we call Originals.
⊗ Originals who are not based locally and who only visit occasionally are called Nomads (usually we mean overseas but at least one infrequent visitor from Cebu qualifies).
⊗ It’s pretty much the same details as for Individuals.
⊗ The price is 25% of that Membership though!
⊗ Access is around 25% too — so that’s 10 days per quarter, or 40 days per year.
⊗ Your swag bag is smaller than with the standard Membership. 
⊗ But service is just as big, and smiles just as wide.
⊗ You will need a recent proof of residence to qualify.
⊗ Nomad Membership is optional — you can upgrade to our standard at any time.

You're an Individual first.

Even though you are thinking about your brand or organisation right now, we still do business with people first. So take a look at the Individual membership to understand the features and benefits, then roll back here for the tweaks we have made specifically for smart people working in larger organisations.

⊗ Individual Members who join for the first year we call Originals.
⊗ Originals who represent brands / organisations we call Patrons.
⊗ Patrons act as backers for our Club, it’s space, our Membership, and the programs we support.
⊗ Backing can come through specific support for specific elements or general support.
⊗ Specific support might be funding a number of bursaries for underserved communities to access Membership, or the naming of one of our amenities to show support for the Club, or even the co-creation of new programming.
⊗ In return we ensure at least one person at your organisation becomes a standard Astbury Member, and guest privileges can be included too. 
⊗ We can also co-create shows and series for personal and professional growth, for fun and social engagement, or for cultural value and entertainment.
⊗ Some Patron Members have chosen to name amenities at Astbury to showcase their own mission alongside ours. 
⊗ Others have simply funded a bursary for a specific type of underserved community without wanting any publicity in return.
⊗ Patron Membership has been funded previously using CSR budgets, marketing, from human resources, or directly from an executive office. We will customise each package to align with your corporate mandates. 
⊗ These Memberships are for a minimum of one year. We do not run per-event sponsorships or sell “access” without a Membership.
⊗ Organisations / Brands who are looking for a new channel to market or a transactional outcome from Membership will find Astbury to be unsuitable for these goals. 
⊗ However, grassroots intel and interaction, authentic content creation and culture support, plus social responsibility and access to audience through our amenities and programming — that’ll work.