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We've been moving creative teams beyond the office for a decade.
Recruitment, retention, love. Want some?

Beyond workspace by the multi-awardwinning ASPACE.


Extreme ventilation, fresh air and plants on all floors, and atop our roofdeck lounge. Healthy habits and fresh thinking embedded in our menus. This is beyond what you’d call an office.

Breathe deeply.


Hybrid, flexible, coworking, dedicated seats. Offices suck no matter what you call them. We design award-winning space that people love, and your teams find productive. It’s the harmony between productivity and leisure and growth.


Private rooms, quiet floors, collaborative lounges, creative studios. For a day or a year, for you or your small team. Desks and chairs, sofas or beanbags, standing or lounging. No long leases, no big security deposits, just a productive space and supportive relationship.


You just need one named Member, and a private room. From there you can invite your team as daily guests to use our amenities, and move beyond an office into days after days where you all #gohomehappy.


Dine al fresco or in your own room, bring baon or cook for your crew; ask our private chef what’s in his kitchen, order from select neighhbourgood restos, join private dining events; or choose from our in-house menus, ethically sourced and with minimal waste. Wow.


Private workspace requires a dance between the space you use, the culture of your team, and the design context that increases our power to perform. We take your needs, pitch our experience and ideas, to create a custom space your team loves.

You’ll find us in the heart of the avant garde, a boutique oasis within the heritage district of Makati: Poblacion. Walking distance to Rockwell, Z Street, Sinigang Valley, Salcedo Village, and Ayala.

Guests are by strictly by appointment only (no walk-ins), parking is best when reserved in advance, and drop-off location is at the corner of Orion (public street) and Mercedes (private street). The main entrance is on Mercedes Street, follow the positive energy. 

  1. Do I need to be a Member to add-on team workspace? Yes.
  2. Can my team work in the private space without me? Yes.
  3. Can we eat/drink there? Yes.
  4. Will all of these questions have one word answers? Not all of them. This one for example.
  5. Is it The Astbury or just Astbury? You choose. 
  6. Can I park my vehicle there? Maybe.
  7. Can I host my meetings or dinners in a private room? Yes.
  8. Can I host my own events at the club? Yes.
  9. Can I bring my dog? Sometimes.
  10. Can I bring my kids? Sometimes.
  11. Can I store my stuff there? Possibly.
  12. Can I have my own private workspace? Yes. 
  13. Do you host programs for personal + professional growth? Yep. 
  14. Do you offer services for organisations and teams? Yes. 
  15. Can I get a virtual office? No.
  16. Can I expect privacy when I want it? Yes.
  17. Will Membership help with my recruitment and retention? Yes. 
  18. Do you do “seat leasing”? No. It’s either your team and your culture, or not. 
  19. Do custom design our private workspace? Yes.
  20. Can you administer team perks such as free food or training? Yes.
  21. Do you have robust data, power, and redudancies? Yes. 
  22. Can we get 24/7 access? If you need it. 
  23. Do I need to lease for a year and pay security deposits? No.
  24. This is more than 20 questions. Yep.
We also have 20 questions on Memberships »
  1. Workspace options are limited, so only Named Members may add-on either private workspace or Team passes. Named Membership is subject to eligibility criteria.
  2. Your business/brand/organisation must be legal, ethical, and employing your team directly (not “seat leasing” or other contract-avoidance schemes). Why?We support the building of team culture which is impossible without a direct brand-employee relationship. 
  3. You choose the size and preferred configuration for private workspace. Our architect will use our experience to design a space that works for all criteria. Note that private workspace at our hub doesn’t need to be as large as a direct lease. Why? Because all shared amenities such as kitchens, cafe, roofdeck, bathrooms, meeting rooms etc, are part of your Membership not your workspace subscription. 
  4. Pricing will be based on your Named Membership level, the size of your private workspace, and the number of Team passes you would like each day.
  5. Can I add more passes or remove passes? Subject to certain limitations, yes.
  6. Can anyone turn up and use the space? No – capacity, security, and pandemic restrictions require us to know who will be using the space and ensuring only nominated Team members gain access.
  7. You can add-on meeting rooms when you need them, or venues to gather more of your stakeholders.
  8. We can support acquisition or loan of technology toolkits, plus run custom training and/or orientation sessions on your behalf.
  1. Named Membership starts at P100,000 annually.
  2. Team passes start at P1,500 monthly.
  3. A private workspace – say for 5 people – will start from P35,000 monthly.
  4. Therefore the approximate price per person per month using this scenario would be P9,000 /monthly.
  5. Inclusive of utilities, security, access to shared amenities and programs, cleaning…

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Although Members get our private numbers, we don’t post email or landline numbers online, it’s the 2020s, we are all about direct communications. If you are interested in anything you’ve read or seen, just start the chat and we’ll take it from there. As you are likely to be on this page after an invitation from one of our team, you can continue the conversation with them too.

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