Your private events, our venues + creative team.
Stream, shoot, showcase, celebrate.

Designed with love by the infamous.


Our roof top gardens make for your perfect alfresco soirée, our white box gallery is a space for art and ideas to flourish. 1 to 100 people.


From signage to merch, staff to on-stage talent, DSLRs to streamed shows — we’ll connect you to the prodcution people you need.


Private rooms, quiet floors, collaborative lounges. For a few hours or a few days. Host your next pitch, presentation, or private dinner with extra.


We’ll cater to you and to your guests. Our Chef prepares delicious, healthy, and ethically sourced menus, with a bar + wine team on demand. Cheers!


⊗ Catering + Bar
⊗ Private rooms
⊗ Private venues
⊗ Content support
⊗ Streaming support
⊗ Talent
⊗ Social media support
⊗ Parking + guest support
⊗ A/V support
Staging + Decor

You’ll find us in the heart of the avant garde, a boutique oasis within the heritage district of Makati: Poblacion. Walking distance to Rockwell, Z Street, Sinigang Valley, Salcedo Village, and Ayala.

Guests are by strictly by appointment only (no walk-ins), parking is best when reserved in advance, and drop-off location is at the corner of Orion (public street) and Mercedes (private street). The main entrance is on Mercedes Street, follow the positive energy. 

  1. Are you open 24/7? Yes.
  2. Can I work there? Yes.
  3. Can I eat/drink there? Yes.
  4. Will all of these questions have one word answers? Not all of them. This one for example.
  5. Is it The Astbury or just Astbury? You choose. 
  6. Can I park my vehicle there? Maybe.
  7. Can I host my meetings or dinners in a private room? Yes.
  8. Can I host my own events at the club? Yes.
  9. Can I bring my dog? Sometimes.
  10. Can I bring my kids? Sometimes.
  11. Can I store my stuff there? Possibly.
  12. Can I create content and/or exhibit/screen there? Yep.
  13. Do you host programs for personal + professional growth? Yep. 
  14. Do you offer services for entrepreneurs and creative teams? Yes. 
  15. Can I get a virtual office? No.
  16. Can I expect to meet new people and be introduced? Yes.
  17. Can I find some alone time? Yes. 
  18. Do you have a roofdeck? Yes. 
  19. Do you have a gallery? Yes.
  20. Yoga and meditation space? Yes.
  21. A kitchen? Yes. 
  22. Café? Yes. 
  23. Jacuzzi? No.
  24. This is more than 20 questions. Yep.
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In 2009 we pioneered coworking in Manila and trashed the office cubicles beloved at the time by Regus and outdated hierarchies embraced by many corporations across the Philippines. In 2011 we rather lazilly called ourselves “A SPACE” (just a space for fun people) and accidently started the coworking movement in the Philippines. Since then our Members and collaborators number among the most original thinkers and doers in the country. We’ve been creating, crafting, and inventing original spaces and experiences for a decade. This is what we love to do.

Since the arrival of Covid though, we’ve experienced the near collapse of our business, tragedies within our families, and the erosion of community energy as we knew it. Wow, what a couple of years. For us it prompted stark and radical change. We’ve always created workspace that recharged us instead of drained us, and social space with more meaning than just alchohol and beats. With our new project we move beyond our most creative coworking design into a world of possibilities packed with purpose, fueled by passion and necessity. We’ll work together, learn together, and shape our city together.

At the heart of this change is a greater confidence that offices are outmoded, and the hybird habits that we have long embraced – the privilege of working from home, from ASPACE, from the pool, or from a café – is more closely aligned with our human preferences. What’s more, if we could only encourage a culture that energised us at work, and connected us socially with the best of each other, amplifying the ideas and causes we champion.

You work and you play, and you sustain positive change along the way. That has become our starting point for this next phase in our evolution, a space where just by being present we contribute more, and benefit from the change wrought by this pandemic.

Can you see the icon popping up in the bottom corner? That’s all you need to start a conversation with one of the Fam here.

Although Members get our private numbers, we don’t post email or landline numbers online, it’s the 2020s, we are all about direct communications. If you are interested in anything you’ve read or seen, just start the chat and we’ll take it from there.

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If we had all the answers, we’d write a manifesto.
Until then, let’s all stay curious, creative, and collaborative.