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We've been moving creative teams beyond the office for a decade.
Recruitment, retention, love. Want some?

Beyond workspace by the multi-awardwinning ASPACE.


Extreme ventilation, fresh air and plants on all floors, and atop our roofdeck lounge. Healthy habits and fresh thinking embedded in our menus. This is beyond what you’d call an office.

Breathe deeply.


Hybrid, flexible, coworking, dedicated seats. Offices suck no matter what you call them. We design award-winning space that people love, and your teams find productive. It’s the harmony between productivity and leisure and growth.


Private rooms, quiet floors, collaborative lounges, creative studios. For a day or a year, for you or your small team. Desks and chairs, sofas or beanbags, standing or lounging. No long leases, no big security deposits, just a productive space and supportive relationship.


You just need one named Member, and a private room. From there you can invite your team as daily guests to use our amenities, and move beyond an office into days after days where you all #gohomehappy.


Dine al fresco or in your own room, bring baon or cook for your crew; ask our private chef what’s in his kitchen, order from select neighhbourgood restos, join private dining events; or choose from our in-house menus, ethically sourced and with minimal waste. Wow.


Private workspace requires a dance between the space you use, the culture of your team, and the design context that increases our power to perform. We take your needs, pitch our experience and ideas, to create a custom space your team loves.
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