14 — 18 November, 11am onwards

bites: Roasted seasonal vegetables with a spiced honey. snack and roll. 
250 Members // 350 non-members
SUPER SOUP: Roasted GARLic and sayote soup with sage and roasted chickpeas. slow food, fast. 
150 members // 25 non-MEMBERS
SUPER SALAD: sliced mango, roasted beets, house herbs, leaft greens, passionfruit dressing. power up. 
150 Members // 200 non-members
half-assed toast: spiced ground organic beef, tomatoes, onions, house herbs, melted carabao cheddar, leafy greens, spiced honey. eat and talk. 
150 members // 200 non-members
Plantsa flatbread: tomato base, okra, onions, smoked cured herbed sausage, two cheese, leafy greens, spiced honey. fun to share. 
280 members // 350 non-members
sweeties: chocolate and caramalised banana with raw coco sugar, cacao nibs, white chocolate garnish. great with coffee, cognac, port. 
250 members // 350 non-members