The wild, the weird, the wonderful.
Members in conversation and colour, Thursdays.

You’ll find us in the heart of the avant garde, a boutique oasis within the heritage district of Makati: Poblacion. Walking distance to Rockwell, Z Street, Sinigang Valley, Salcedo Village, and Ayala.

Guests are by strictly by appointment only (no walk-ins), parking is best when reserved in advance, and drop-off location is at the corner of Orion (public street) and Mercedes (private street). The main entrance is on Mercedes Street, follow the positive energy. 

  1. Can I attend this event? Yes, if you are a Member or you’ve been invited by a Member, or the event is specifically open to the Community.
  2. Can I arrive early and hang? Yes, although if you are not a Member you’ll have to be hosted by a Member before you can access the main club. 
  3. Can I eat/drink there? Yes.
  4. Will all of these questions have one word answers? Not all of them. This one for example.
  5. Is it The Astbury or just Astbury? You choose. 
  6. Can I park my vehicle there? Maybe. It’s first come first serve at our private parking. There is parking in the area including on Kalayaan on some nights. 
  7. Can I host guests at a private table? Yes, RSVP and ask for what’s available. 
  8. Can I host my own events at the club? Yes.
  9. Can I bring my dog? Sometimes.
  10. Can I bring my kids? Sometimes.
  11. Can I store my stuff there? Possibly.
  12. Can I take photos and video? Sometimes, in some areas.
  13. This is fewer than 20 questions. Yep.
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Can you see the icon popping up in the bottom corner? That’s all you need to RSVP with one of our Fam here.

Although Members get our private numbers, we don’t post email or landline numbers online, it’s the 2020s, we are all about direct communications.

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If we had all the answers, we’d write a manifesto.
Until then, let’s all stay curious, creative, and collaborative.